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Why Yoga Fitness Retreats™

The following are just a few reasons why we stand out above any other retreat provider:

  • Yoga Fitness retreats are always small and intimate, and usually cater for groups of just 12-14 unlike most retreat companies. We pride ourselves in providing individual attention and lifestyle analysis.
  • Your sessions will not be restricted to yoga; you will also be doing dynamic Pilates classes and cardio based activities such as hiking, running or mountain biking (no boring treadmill work!) for an all round holistic fitness experience
  •  We are not affiliated with any large corporate retreat companies and are a small family business. We are therefore able to offer competitive prices and the best value for money retreats on the market.
  • We will ascertain your individual aims and goals before you arrive on the retreat and your teacher will do their best to discuss and advise you on the most realistic ways to meet them.
  • Our teachers are all qualified to the highest of standards; all E-RYT500hrs teachers (See the Yoga Alliance website for more information on teacher qualifications).
  • Your individual Dosha type will be ascertained prior to the retreat and your associated dietry needs will be catered for.
  • There will be every opportunity to explore the local culture and nearby restaurants (provided you pick our recommended healthy meals!) and a variety of extra optional activities such as horse riding, watersports and other adventure sports will be possible.
  • Special Abhyanga techniques will be taught and you will be able to purchase specific homemade natural oil combinations prepared especially for your dosha type
  • Our accommodation sites are luxurious and comfortable set amidst the most beautiful scenery on offer